About the Author


Lee McGuire has spent the last seven years studying and learning about the impact of surviving trauma and engaging to understand the strength of one’s personal power. She knows that though recovery may be ongoing, there is life after trauma.

McGuire is a corporate professional, mother, grandmother, and coach/counselor. She studies holistic healing arts, including the use of essential oils and meditation. McGuire also pursues spiritual-based healing and traditions from around the world. She has come to be a devout student of mindfulness training, which encompasses all that is both vast and uniquely personal.

She celebrates her fortune in a life well-lived and the attainment of resilience and personal empowerment. These have led her to a higher state of self-acceptance, mental and emotional confidence, and comfort with vigilance.

McGuire grew up and lives in the greater Puget Sound area. She enjoys being in nature, practicing Pilates, supporting the performing arts, and spending time with friends and family.